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Let your friends in GR know they can find us at the MSA Fieldhouse in Cascade. We offer Physical Therapy, Athletic and Team Training. Adult fitness classes begin there in June. Call 616.847.1280 today.

Adult Fitness Classes

Adult Fitness classes are available both at the Grand Rapids and Spring Lake locations. Try them out free for a week! Contact for more information.

Free Injury Screens in Grand Rapids 

All MSA athletes and their families receive a free injury screen. Set up an appointment to see us at the MSA Fieldhouse in Cascade. Call 616.847.1280.

Athletic Training Starts

Summer athletic training programs start this week at the Grand Rapids and Spring Lake locations. Contact for details.

Why i'move?

Why imove?

i’move is all about you. We think the way you move should be free, invigorating, empowering and full of life! That is our goal and it’s all about you – what works for your body and unique condition.

No. More. Pain.

Though our Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers are some of West Michigan’s best and brightest, you are at the center of our world. Here, you’ll find our personalized holistic, hands-on approach to rehabilitation, improvement, and overall care for your body is custom designed around you.

Whether it’s helping you recover from an injury, improving your athletic performance, or delivering wellness solutions to help you be more healthy, i’move will move you.

Move better. Live better.

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What our patients say about us speaks for itself.

Our soccer team has worked out at i’move for the past two seasons. The results we’ve witnessed have been invaluable. Most high school athletes (and majority of people) do not know what a warm up or training is. When you get a group training together and seeing the intensity and excitement brought by i’move, it pushes the kids to get more out their workouts. Every season I take great pride in fitness and recovery, i’move has helped our program out by showing them what training is about!  M. Apostle
Mona Shores Varsity Soccer Coach

i’move team, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the Physical Therapy services you provided to me. I came in with limited mobility in both shoulders; the left shoulder almost completely debilitated. With several sessions my mobility was full in the right and moderately improved on the left. As therapy progressed I am now able to use my left shoulder with ease and the pain is almost completely gone!
K. Miller

Contact Us

We have six convenient locations for your physical therapy and athletic performance needs. Please clarify which location you prefer when you are scheduling an appointment.

Contact Us

Spring Lake

18000 Cove St., Suite 202
Spring Lake, MI 49456
Phone: 616.847.1280
Fax: 616.847.1290

Holland (North side of MVP)

646 S. Waverly Rd.
Holland, MI 49423
Phone: 616.994.8136
Fax: 616.994.8162

Grand Haven

17001 Ferris St.
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: 616.847.1280
Fax: 616.847.1290


65 S. Main St., Suite C
Rockford, MI 49341
Phone: 616.866.8084
Fax: 616.866.8085

Grand Rapids (MSA Fieldhouse)

5435 28th Street Court SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Phone: 616.551.0078
Fax: 616.570.0458

Spring Lake Aquatic Center

17001 Ferris St.
Spring Lake, MI 49417
Phone: 616.847.1280
Fax: 616.847.1290