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June 2017

Free Adult Fitness Classes at our Grand Rapids Location

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Join us for Adult Fitness Classes at the MSA Fieldhouse FREE now through July 31, 2017.

Pick from three of our popular adult fitness classes, each with a different level of intensity. This is a no-strings attached offer and you’re at no obligation to do anything but participate in the class! Contact for details.

Renew (low intensity)
50 minutes
Monday, Wednesday 10:00am
Are you looking for a gentle way to get back into exercise? Do you want to feel more flexible? This low intensity class will do just that. RENEW  is low-impact and designed to give you the flexibility where you need it most.

Excel (moderate-to-high-intensity)
50 minutes
Monday, Wednesday 12:00pm
This is our most popular class. It’s a moderate to high intensity class that will challenge you to be in your best shape. Using simple equipment and your body weight, you will blend strength and cardio exercise for a fun, high energy workout that will transform your body.

Shred (high-intensity)
40 minutes
Tuesday, Thursday 12:00pm
Intense, fast paced, and safe, this total body workout is specifically designed to rev up your metabolism and tone your body. If you are looking for a high energy and challenging class that will give you strength, endurance, and build lean muscle, this is it.

Learn more about our Adult Fitness Classes.