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i’move offers a variety of personal and group exercise programs designed to achieve your personal wellness goals, at all levels of intensity. Click through the list of our services to the right to learn more.

If you are looking for the region’s very best to assess your body and create an efficient plan to reach your goals, this is it! Our award winning specialists will evaluate you using a strategic method designed to uncover your body’s specific mobility and strength deficits. Perfect for adult athletes at every level, including pro athletes.

As the only Strength and Conditioning Coaches in West Michigan using this method, you can feel confident you are getting the most thorough assessment available. We use video documentation to explain our findings to you and to use for re-assessment down the road. You will receive the highlights of your video assessment with detailed explanations of what we find.

Expect to have a clear understanding of where you stand to gain the most and the specific training program you should follow to get there. Your customized training program is delivered to you electronically in written and video format to accommodate your preferred learning style.

This Athletic Performance Assessment is great for:

  • Post physical therapy clients that want to progress their exercise routine
  • Physical therapy clients whose health insurance is up and still wants to work on recovery
  • Athletes of all levels that want to train on their own, but need a solid plan to follow
  • Athletes that don’t live locally, but want the assessment. Yes, we can do the assessment remotely!
  • Adults looking for a starting point to get back in shape.

Book your 60 minute assessment for just $100

Following the Athletic Performance Assessment, one-on-one performance training will focus your efforts to you get the most out of every workout. Designed to match your personal goals, expect your training program to deliver extraordinary results. Packages are available upon request. Contact Derek Rietman, Director of Athletic Performance, to schedule today.

No two swings are built the same. We uncover physical opportunities hidden in your body that produce greater distance, accuracy, and consistency in your golf game. Coached by our NG360-certified physical therapist, this program addresses and works to resolve your body’s discomfort caused by your swing. Learn more about Robin or contact him to schedule.

We hosts a variety of group exercise classes designed to achieve your personal wellness goals, at all levels of intensity. i’move‘s Excel class blends strength and cardio exercise for a fun, high intensity, full body workout. Our Move class focuses on the entire body by improving strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance in a fun, low intensity environment.