We help athletes perform at their best.

The Benefits of Athletic Performance Training

The benefits of athletic performance services are apparent in every athlete who spends time in our Athletic Performance program. They jump higher, move faster and are more confident in their performance. If you’d like to explore how we can work with you, please contact us!

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What to Expect

  • Current fitness and skill level assessment
  • Goal-setting with your trainers
  • Young athletes learn discipline
  • Experienced athletes gain focus
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Motivate yourself to succeed
  • Gain strength and endurance
  • Improve balance and agility
Athletic Performance Services

Athletic Performance

Our certified trainers work with athletes at our Spring Lake and Grand Rapids training centers as well as at the home facilities of the local teams with whom we work. Whether you prefer individual training, training with a group or even your entire team, we got you covered. Swimming? Soccer? Football? Basketball? Yep – we’ve trained winners for all of them.

We train:

  • Individual, small groups and teams
  • Middle School, High School athletes
  • Collegiate-level athletes
  • Adults
  • Professional athletes
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Personal Training

i’move offers one-on-one personal training for anyone looking to improve his or her overall health. Through personalized sessions built around your schedule, you’ll learn the importance of a healthy diet, build your physical strength through customized workouts and determine your own unique goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Group Training

If you prefer the motivation and accountability that comes from working with others, then you’ll love our group training. This program provides lifestyle coaching and personal workout training you need to achieve a healthier life, all with the added support of other’s working toward the same goals.

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Distinguished Athletes.

Our community is filled with incredible athletes from all kinds of sports…baseball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, track – you name it. Find out how their experience with us has upped their game. Then contact us to see how it can improve yours.

Our soccer team has worked out at i’move for the past two seasons. The results we’ve witnessed have been invaluable. Most high school athletes (and majority of people) do not know what a warm up or training is. When you get a group training together and seeing the intensity and excitement brought by i’move, it pushes the kids to get more out their workouts. Every season I take great pride in fitness and recovery, i’move has helped our program out by showing them what training is about!   

Michael J. Apostle
Mona Shores Varsity Soccer Coach

I would like to thank Derek and the staff at i’move for finding creative ways to keep a teenager with a broken leg in shape. Because of your instruction I will be ready for baseball season and be in the best shape of my life. You helped me see the importance of staying physically fit and preventing further injuries. Thanks again for all of your enthusiasm, intense energy, fun workouts, and for getting me back into the shape I was in!

Alex K.

My son has improved his time and created new PR’s in every swimming event in which he competes and has made six national swim cuts. i’move keeps him in exceptional condition so he was able to compete in three events in three weeks. They really help you to get better by providing very personalized training to your specific sports while focusing on individual needs and goals.

Diane L.

The Renowned Trainers of imove

Aaron Rietman

Athletic Trainer

Samantha van der Lende, Performance Specialist at i'move

Samantha van der Lende

Performance Specialist

Mike Braid

Director of Athletic Training

Kayla Nousain

Certified Trainer and Physical Therapist Assistant

Derek Rietman

Performance Specialist