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i'move Athletic Performance Training
MSA athletes train with i'move

i'move is MSA's exclusive Athletic Performance Training and Physical Therapy provider.

Athletic Performance

i’move has trained hundreds of athletes to give their peak performance time and time again. The benefits of training are apparent in every athlete who spends time in our Athletic Performance Training program. They jump higher, move more quickly and are more confident.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists understand how your body works in conjunction with your specific sport. We can target your Physical Therapy to what is unique about you, your sport and your body. We’ll even work with your coach and doctor to transition you back to normal participation with your team.

Free Injury Screens

Injured or in pain but not sure why? See us for a free 30-minute appointment with a Physical Therapist. We’ll complete a thorough musculoskeletal assessment to see what is causing injury/pain. Our screens are free and available a variety of times throughout the week.

Athletic Performance Training options include:
BasketballStrong Training
Jump Academy
Personal Training
SoccerStrong Training
Speed & Agility Training
Strength Training & Injury Prevention
Team Training

Request a Physical Therapy appointment online or call 616.847.1280 to schedule.

Physical Therapy is available for all MSA athletes, their family, and anyone in the Grand Rapids area.

Schedule a Free Injury Screen with or submit an appointment request online.

Free Injury Screens are available to every MSA athlete and their family members. All Injury Screens are performed by a Physical Therapist.

From Gerrik Schepel,
Executive Director of MSA

“i’move is one of West Michigan’s most respected Athletic Training and Physical Therapy practices and we are thrilled to have their unique talent and services at the MSA Fieldhouse. They have an unmatched expertise in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training and their ability to intertwine the two in order to keep athletes healthy is setting a standard for the way in which athletes are cared for and trained.

Their holistic approach to Physical Therapy addresses the specific needs of each athlete. Their Athletic Performance training not only elevates an athlete’s capabilities, but more importantly instills confidence. The care and precision of developing and enhancing an athlete takes both relational and intellectual acumen. i’move is a leader in both a positive experience as well as fantastic results!

Give them a try. You’ll find their staff takes an individualized interest in each person that steps through their doors. Through building relationships, they are able to care for their patients as a whole and walk with them on their journey to healing, improvement, and athletic development.

We are pleased to work alongside of i’move to continue to service our community together!”

“i’move helped my son regain the necessary range of motion to return to athletics after two successful surgeries. Thankful for meeting his physical needs and supporting him with the encouragement he needed at a critical time.”