Physical Therapy that helps you move better and live better.

What’s the big deal about Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy makes you better. It helps you heal quicker, reduces pain and provides a sense of well-being.

Physical Therapy:

  • Helps you heal quicker from current injuries
  • Makes recovery from old injuries possible
  • Can help you avoid surgery and prescription drugs
  • Can help you heal sooner from illnesses
  • Gets you moving safely and comfortably
  • Uses a holistic method of healing your body to help you become stronger, more flexible and able to move pain-free
  • You don’t need a physician referral or doctor’s order to get Physical Therapy

Our clinical team of highly educated and effective health professionals has experience facilitating healing and physical improvement after surgery, injury, and everything from complicated medical procedures to simple sprains. We treat a variety of patients and recognize that you are more than your diagnosis or your chart.

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Quick and Simple.

Starting Physical Therapy is simple and quick. Remember, you don’t need a Doctor’s order or approval to begin Physical Therapy. That means you can start even if you want us to take a look at where your pain may be coming from. So whether you’re recovering from surgery, recovering from an accident or healing from a sports injury, we can help.

  • Pick a location
  • Call us or go online to make an appointment
  • Complete and submit your information
  • Check out what to wear and what to expect
  • Pay a bill
  • Stay connected
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Success Stories

We’d love to hear from you. Please click on the button below to share your story with us. Meanwhile, see what others are saying about their experience at i’move.

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When I began experiencing pain in my right leg I knew I needed to get back into Physical Therapy. I never considered going anywhere except back into the capable hands of Mike. After just five weeks he identified the source of the problem and set on a patch of decreased pain and increased mobility. Regardless of what my body requires I know that Mike will identify the problem and set me up for success.
– K. Keun

i’move team, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the Physical Therapy services you provided to me. I came in with limited mobility in both shoulders; the left shoulder almost completely debilitated. With several sessions my mobility was full in the right and moderately improved on the left. As therapy progressed I am now able to use my left shoulder with ease and the pain is almost completely gone!
–  K. Miller

Really made progress on my shoulder while working with Andrew and Kelsey. They immediately inspired confidence with their attitudes and depth of knowledge. They’re very good at answering questions, helping me to feel like I participate in my own therapy. I’m a person to them, not just a set of symptoms and torn tissues. Every interaction with any staff member has been very positive. If I didn’t have the shoulder issue, I’d just hang out with them. Just like them that much.
– Chris B.

Physical Therapists

Brooke Meinema

Physical Therapist

Stacy Tarrh

Physical Therapist

Kara Fahlen

Physical Therapist

Justin Lyons

Physical Therapist

Jen McCann-Bauer

Physical Therapist

Tony Schuster

Physical Therapist

Mike Braid

Director of Athletic Training

Kayla Nousain

Certified Trainer and Physical Therapist Assistant

Mike Klobucher

Physical Therapist

Whitney Rodriguez

Physical Therapist

Mary Lomonaco-Harig

Physical Therapist

Katie Farrimond

Physical Therapist

Jeff Clark

Clinic Owner, Physical Therapist

Damon Bosscher

Physical Therapist

Chris Burdis

Physical Therapist, Holland Clinic Director

Carla Bennick

Physical Therapist

Andrew Young, DPT

Andrew Young

Physical Therapist, Grand Rapids Clinic Director

Martin Sytsema

Clinic Owner, Physical Therapist

David Buursma

Physical Therapist

Why get Physical Therapy at i’move?

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you heal from surgery, injuries, and pain so they can get back to an active lifestyle and doing the things they love the most. Many people have found hope through our creative, individualized solutions to their health issues. We can help you too.

Attend your appointments and get to know your Physical Therapist.  Engage the process and begin healing.

Get back to doing the things you love!