Carla Bennick, PT

Physical Therapist

Varied work experiences have provided Carla with broad perspectives and keen skills. In the years since graduating from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy, she has worked in Florida, Ohio and then finally in Michigan, calling Grand Haven home since 1992. Carla has performed the roles of a physical therapy Director, Manager, and Owner throughout her career.

Considered a lifelong learner, she has continued her education with a variety courses in manual therapy and has recently completed her Certification for Applied Functional Science (CAFS). Since joining the team at i’move, she indicates that she now looks at her clients differently, with more of a functional eye. Movement has always been an integral part of her practice, but now even more so.

Carla’s love of movement stems from an enjoyment of the outdoors, whether it is hiking in the woods, walking the golf course or skiing through the snow. On the back of her business card, it reads, “i’m transforming.” She explains, “I’m transforming bodies to move better and I’m transforming myself to become a better person and a better therapist.”

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