Gary Howe, AT, MA, ATC

Certified Athletic Trainer

Gary received his undergraduate education at Albion College and performed his graduate work at Western Michigan University at a time when WMU was one of only 5 accredited Masters programs in the country for Athletic Training. He states that more important than his formal education has been his personal “injury education,” having had 9 orthopedic surgeries. “My experience with injury, surgery and rehabilitation sets me apart from many practitioners.”

Early in his career, Gary pursued much of his continuing education within the context of the lower extremity, with emphasis on the foot, gaining a deep appreciation for the interrelatedness of the lower body. His main educational interest remains lower extremity injuries, but he has added performance to the mix with a desire to improve performance as well as providing comfort.

To Gary, teaching and coaching are one and the same.  When away from the clinic, he coaches football and baseball.  When not working, teaching, or coaching, his time is spent reading, hiking and putzing in his garage.

Gary’s signature approach to his work is reflected in the i’m statement on the back of his business card, “i’m Challenging.”  “My goal, is for our guests to improve at whatever brought them to our clinic in the first place, whether it be pain, dysfunction, weakness or whatever.  I WILL challenge you physically, mentally, and athletically to insure you have the best possible outcome.”

You can reach Gary by email at